We believe that babies deserve the best. And we cannot imagine anyone else thinking otherwise. That’s why we continued our quest beyond organic cotton. We came in contact with Trigema in Germany. Together with the university of Hamburg and EPEA, they developed a procedure in which even when upgrading and dyeing, no toxics or chemical substances are used. Laladoo also uses this substance and procedure. Everything according to the cradle to cradle principle.

But of course the toys and clothing need to look good as well. For the most beautiful babies in the world. So we asked a designer to design according to our principles, functional and beautiful. Dutch Design 100 % safe.

It’s not only the used cotton, stitching, labels and dyes that are natural and 100% degradable. Laladoo goes even further. We aim to make the total business process as durable as possible. Which you can also see in our cycle. Moreover, Laladoo is manufactured in Germany. Completely safe without child labor. Laladoo has a good story. A very good story.

More and more often you see articles in the newspaper about using toxics in (baby) clothing and toys. It’s often the basic substance that still contains toxic ingredients because of for instance bleaching. But it can also be the labels, stitching, prints or the dyes that are not entirely correct (source WECF). At Laladoo we are very concerned about this. Also because there are many brands that claim to be healthy but in fact they aren’t completely healthy (source Greenpeace). Organic cotton is a good start, but Laladoo takes it to a next level. For example, still many chemical and for humans and environment toxic substances are used when upgrading and dyeing cotton. Substances that cannot be completely rinsed (source research Sweden). Of course you want to protect your babies from this as much as possible. Because they are most vulnerable, they still have to completely develop and their skin is still thin. And therefore can suffer from it the most.

The umpteenth media article on toxic baby items was the reason to launch Laladoo. From the beginning it was of utmost importance to us that the Laladoo products need to be so pretty and good that you just as much like to give it to someone as receiving it yourself. A baby gift that’s not only good for the environment, but which also makes parents and babies very happy.

You get what you give, as the English say so nicely. And we totally agree. That’s why everything at Laladoo is a great present. All Laladoo products are packed in a beautiful cup made of corn, which can therefore be thrown into the bio container afterwards. But not before you used this cup as a greenhouse for an extra surprise in this cup, namely a Growie. A heart with flower seeds in it which you can put in your garden or in this cup when you use it as a greenhouse. After a while you will have beautiful sun flowers. Laladoo, a great gift to give and to get, with a good story.
At Laladoo we want to work as sustainable as possible and in a natural way. Unfortunately this is not yet 100% possible, but we do aspire to. Of course we want every Laladoo product to have a very long life cycle. Therefore we hope parents will give their Laladoo products to other new borns. But after this cycle it can be best put up for recycling or, if this is not possible, put into the ground, without the danger of adding waste and toxic to nature.This can sometimes mean that something is more difficult or more expansive to make. But that is no problem for us. That’s why we are constantly searching for alternatives and are open to new developments. We share our knowledge with other entrepreneurs. We don’t aim for maximum profit and we use the profit we make to invest in Laladoo. So even more babies will have a safe future. Not only for the future of the babies but also for the environment in which this baby grows up.