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Laladoo wants to create a safe world for our babies, now and in the future. That is why we go further than organic cotton and are we not using any toxics or chemical substances in the entire production process. Designed by a designer and safely manufactured in Germany. So guaranteed non toxic and non allergic in Dutch design, made for all the beautiful babies in the world. Laladoo. A baby gift with a story...


Laladoo. 100% safe for babies!

A lot of baby clothes are made of organic Cotton, or Bio Cotton, nowadays. It's a good start because it means no toxic chemials are used growing this cotton. But afterwards, during the production process, still a lot of toxic chemicals are still used to make the fabric which is used for the clothes people are wearing including babies. All these chemicals have to be washed out. Which can not be done for the full 100%. So there are still toxic chemicals in the fabric and a lot of polluted water. Water that has to be cleaned. Thats not the way we do it at Laladoo. Laladoo is made in Germany without toxic and child labor, based on the Cradle-2-Cradle philosophy and excellent working conditions. Which are checked regularly. Want to read more about it?

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