General provisions:
-           Each order made before 3 p. m. guarantees delivery at the area of Holland on the next working day,
-           Exchange of a bought product is possible within 7 days
-           In case of a dissatisfaction of a purchase – money refund is possible
-           Delivery is made through TNT courier service
-           Questions and/or comments can be sent to the address: vragen@laladoo.nl
-           Any personal data provided in the course of purchase in Laladoo shop remains confidential.

General terms of sale, delivery and payments of:

Laladoo BV, Wagenweg 21, 2012 NA, Haarlem
Postbus 3146, 2001 DC Haarlem

Commercial register number: 34327835
tax ID: NL8204.60.886.B01

Article 1. Definitions

1.1  Laladoo is an Internet shop offering products for babies up to the second year of life. You can get the access to the shop through Laladoo website at www.laladoo.nl

1.2  These general terms (hereinafter referred to as: Terms) concern Internet activity of Laladoo company directed to individual customers.

Article 2. Application

2.1 In case of sale of Laladoo products carried in a stationary shop these Terms are not applicable. The sale is defined by the Terms of Laladoo Shop Sale.

2.2 The general terms are applicable as regards all offers, orders and agreements made by Customers by means of Laladoo Internet website, excluding other possible Terms.

2.3 Placing an order require prior acceptance of these Term.

2.4 Withdrawal from the Terms must be made in writing. In case of the withdrawal from a part of the Terms remaining provisions shall remain in force.

2.5 Any rights and liabilities included in these Terms (and other following agreements in favour of Laladoo) apply also dealers and other third parties cooperating with Laladoo.

Article 3. Agreements

3.1 An agreement is made at the moment of acceptance of the terms of sale by the Customer provided at Laladoo Internet website. Laladoo reserves the right to require completing information concerning an order or to refuse its acceptance. In such a case the Customer shall be informed of the reasons of refusal.

Article 4. Prices

4.1  Product prices are gross values in Euros. They do not include dispatch costs (unless stipulated otherwise). Before the conclusion of the agreement on the Internet website the Customer is informed on a total price of purchase including dispatch costs.

4.2  The dispatch cost of 1 product at the area of Holland amounts to EUR 3.95. The dispatch to countries belonging to the European Union amounts to EUR 6.50 for 1 product. The dispatch to countries not being the part of European Union amounts to EUR 8.50 for 1 product.

4.3  Laladoo is not liable for incorrectly specified prices being the result of processing data by error, incorrect settings or printing mistake. Incorrect price information does not constitute the basis for acquisition of any rights.

Article 5. Payment terms

5.1  Payments shall be made  by one of the ways provided within the time of order placing. After placing the order the Customer receives the confirmation with information on total purchase costs including dispatch costs by means of an e-mail immediately. Payment for placed order shall always be made in advance.

a)     Online payment with the use of Mastercard and Visa credit card. Payment is authorised online, thus the information on acceptance or rejecting the transaction is provided immediately. There are no additional costs while paying by means of a credit card.

b)     iDeal: If Customers use electronic banking services at Rabobank, ABN, AMRO, Fortis Nederland, SNS Bank or ING (Post Bank) they can perform payments for orders by means of the Internet website in a safe way. Electronic payment by means of the Internet can be compared to payment made by payment terminal in a shop. After placing the order it is necessary to choose the way of iDeal payments. Then, from the list of banks displayed on the computer monitor the Customer chooses this bank which services they use. The following steps are regular activities made while using the Internet  banking system. In most cases payment is done on the same day. More information can be found at the link: iDeal.

c)     Payment with the use of PayPal system (for PayPal account users). Payment is authorised online, thus the information on acceptance or rejecting the transaction is provided immediately. There are no additional costs while paying by means of PayPal system.

d)    In case of payments made in advance by means of a bank transfer the payment shall be booked at  Laladoo bank account within 7 days from the date of placing the order. The dispatch is made only after prior booking the amount on Laladoo bank account.

5.2 Payment of a full amount for the order shall be made in advance.

5.3 The Customer allows Laladoo to take up activities necessary to realise payment in a way chosen by the Customer.

5.4 In case of payment by means of a bank transfer the date of payment is accepted to be the date of booking the amount on Laladoo bank account.

Article 6. Delivery

6.1  Laladoo tries to transfer orders to the dispatch within 2 working days following the acceptance of the payment. However, Laladoo is not obliged to this, See also item 6.2

6.2  The final deadline of the dispatch is 2 working days from placing the order. If delivering an order within 2 working days turns out not to be possible the Customer shall be informed about this fact and shall have the right to cancel their order free of charge.

6.3  In case of a lack of possibilities to complete the dispatch, the order shall not be sent, unless the Customer expresses their consent and will to this. If it is feared that the delivery can be delayed (for a reason of a temporary lack of products or other reasons) or in a situation when the order cannot be realized (in-whole), the Customer shall be informed on this fact within 7 (seven) working days from placing the order at the latest. In such a case the Customer has the right to cancel their order free of charge, and Laladoo undertakes to refund the whole paid amount.

6.4  Laladoo reserves the right to change the colours of products, the types of tests that the products undergo to and prices. The photographs and descriptions of goods and/or services are provided in a clear, reliable and complete way.

Article 7. Ownership title reservation

Delivered products become property of the Customer at the moment when all financial liabilities towards Laladoo, being the result of a concluded agreement/agreements, have been performed.

Article 8. Exchange of products

Laladoo makes every effort to provide information on the Internet website that is reliable and provides full description of presented products. However, if the bought product does not meet Customer's expectations, Laladoo allows for the possibility that the product is exchanged or returned.

8.1 Products bought by means of Laladoo website at www.laladoo.nl can be exchanged and/or returned provided that:
- there has not been more than 7 working days from receiving the products,
- bought product has not been used, has all attached stickers and is packed in an original packaging

- the parcel has been sent to the following address: Laladoo BV, Posbus 3146, 2001 DC Haarlem;

8.2  Laladoo accepts the exchange of products only in a way specified above. Returning products in other way, without keeping specified deadline of 7 working days, shall not be accepted.

8.3. The Customer is liable for meeting the expenses of sending the product back. If the payment is not full, then Laladoo has the right to charge the Customer with administrative costs amounting to EUR 4,95 and costs being the result of liabilities towards the post office for delivering unpaid dispatches (at least EUR 14.00). Total cost involved for the lack of appropriate charge for the dispatch can amount at least to EUR 18,95. It shall be deducted from a credit note for the exchange of offered products. The above procedure shall also be applied as regard the return dispatches from abroad. In every case one has to perform strictly in accordance with the instruction concerning return dispatches that are provided to Customers while reporting the exchange.

Article 9. Complaints

Complaint concerning the dispatch of ordered product.

9.1  Laladoo makes every effort to send ordered products in a well-protected packaging. However, after receiving a parcel, it is advisable to check if its content has not been damaged during transport and if the parcel contains the products ordered by the Customer. If the delivered product has been damaged, is defective or contrary to its description provided on Laladoo Internet website it shall be reported to the following address: klantenservice@laladoo.nl

The Customer has the right to cancel the whole order within 7 working days without additional costs.

Laladoo undertakes to return the paid amount to a bank account specified by the Customer, with the consideration of the provisions of article 8.

Complaint concerning the quality of a product (products).

9.2  The guarantee for Laladoo products is 6 months following the delivery date. If the Customer finds that the quality of a particular product does not meet their expectations (for example clothing after a short period of using shows excessive wear or a product, in spite of following the recommendations concerning washing, looses its cut, colour etc.), then the guarantee shall apply. However, it concerns situations when frequency of using and washing the product is within the limits of the so called common sense. It is accepted that the durability of each product shall be 6 months. Clothing shall be washed and used in accordance with the instruction. In case of non-compliance to the producer's instructions complaint shall not be accepted. This guarantee expires also when the Customer tries to remove the defect on their own and/or does not apply to the operating manual and/or instructions for use. The complaint concerning Laladoo product shall be sent to the following e-mail address:  klantenservice@laladoo.nl

9.3  Sending the product that a complaint concerns back:

The Customer incurs costs related to sending the purchased product back by means of a regular post. If the charge for dispatch will not be full, then Laladoo has the right to charge the Customer with administrative costs amounting to EUR 4.95 and costs resulting from liabilities towards the post for delivering non-paid dispatches (at least EUR 14.00). The lack of an appropriate charge for the dispatch can be connected to total cost amounting to at least EUR 18.95. It shall be deducted from a credit note for products being the subject of a complaint.

In the course of the complaint procedure one shall perform in accordance with the instruction related to return dispatch that the Customer receives while reporting the complaint. Laladoo takes every effort that each problem is solved at the shortest possible time.

Article 10. Order cancellation

Each order can be cancelled within 24 hours following its placement (without giving a reason) provided that it has not been sent yet or transferred to the warehouse. In order to cancel an order it is necessary to sent an e-mail information to the following address: klantenservice@laladoo.nl. Laladoo confirms the acceptance of a complaint application each time by means of electronic mail.

In case of performing payment to the shop account  Laladoo undertakes to refund paid amount at the shortest possible time within the deadline not longer than 14 (fourteen) days.

Article 11. Recall

11.1 In accordance with the act on home shopping the Customer has the right to recall (only the whole) order without giving any reason and without any advance payment on a penalty. The Customer has also the right to receive refund of costs of the ordered product if it has already been paid-up. Laladoo undertakes also to refund charged dispatch costs.

11.2 Cancellation of the order can be made within 7 working days of the receipt of the dispatch. For this purpose one shall contact Laladoo by sending an e-mail to the following address: klantenservice@laladoo.nl.

The e-mail shall contain name, order number and (if applicable) bank data. The message shall contain also information on the cancellation of the order in accordance with the act on home shopping. If the message meets the above requirements within 1 working day Laladoo undertakes to sent a confirmation of accepting the complaint together with the address to which the Customer can return the ordered products.

11.3 The ordered product shall be sent back at Customer's own expanse within 7 working days of its receipt at the latest. After receiving the product, calculating the dispatch Laladoo undertakes to send the confirmation via e-mail and return the whole amount of the order within 14 (fourteen) working days at the latest.

11.4 The right to cancel the order shall not apply in case when not all requirements, specified in article 11, are met. In such a situation the return dispatch shall be treated as an exchange in accordance with article 8.

Article 12. Orders/communication

Laladoo shall not be responsible for any disagreements, delays, wrong message concerning orders/notifications that result from the Internet transmission or other means of communication used in contact between the Customer and Laladoo and between Laladoo and third parties (if they are connected with the relations between the Customer and Lladoo).  An exception is a situation when disagreements, delays, mistakes etc. are the result of deliberate activity or recklessness of Laladoo employees.

Article 13. Force majeure

In case of appearance of force majeure Laladoo has the right to, in accordance with its opinion, stop the realization of orders placed by the Customer or cancel the agreement out of court, informing the Customer about this fact in writing, whereas Laladoo is not obliged to any damages, unless in these particular circumstances in accordance with logical and right standards it would be unacceptable.

Article 14. Responsibility

14.1 Lalado shall not be liable for any damage caused by improper, careless and contrary to its purpose use of products available in Laladoo shop. 

14.2 If, however, Laladoo is responsible for any damage, the responsibility is limited to three times value of the  invoice of the order, and at least to this part of an order that the responsibility concerns. Additionally, responsibility of Laladoo is restricted to the benefit amount paid by the insurer.

Article 15. Governing law and jurisdiction

15.1 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these Terms are applied to and also these Terms shall be governed exclusively by the provisions of the Dutch law.

15.2 In case of dissatisfaction from Laladoo products and services the Customers have the following e-mail address: klantenservice@laladoo.nl, to which any correspondence shall be sent, at their disposal. Laladoo undertakes to reply to any correspondence within 30 days following the complaint date. In case of a lack of agreement between the parties, the Customer making a payment amounting to EUR 25 has the right to submit their complaint in  Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel [Commission on disputes concerning mail-order trade], Posbus 90600, 2509 LP Haga, tel. 070-3105310.  Commission on disputes concerning mail-order trade is an independent unit and its decision on the dispute shall remain binding. If the Customer will be granted right, Laladoo undertakes to refund the receivables in whole or in part (according to the decision of the Commission).

15.3 Any disputes between the parties arising in connection with this agreement can be resolved finally by an appropriate court in Holland.

15.4 If according to a court judgement one or some of the articles of these Terms are considered invalid, remaining provisions shall remain in force. In such a situation Laladoo and a mandator shall reach an agreement  concerning new provisions that are to replace invalid/invalidated ones, while, to the extent possible, the aim and function of  invalid/invalidated provisions shall be specified.

Questions, objections and comments

In case of any reservations, questions or comments that appeared after reading the Terms you are welcomed to contact the customer service office by e-mail: klantenservice@laladoo.nl or sending us a letter by means of a traditional mail at the following address: Laladoo BV, Postbus 3146, 2001 DC Haarlem, Commercial register number: 34327835.

All rights reserved. Copying, recording and disseminating of these Terms in whole or any parts of them is forbidden without achieving prior written consent of Laladoo BV.

Last update: February 2009.

The terms of retail sale are available to download here (pdf)*.

*In order to download the Terms in a version to print the programme Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Lalado BV, Wagenweg 21, Postbus 3146, 2001, DC Haarlem, vragen@laladoo.nl. www.laladoo.nl
ABN AMRO:, Commercial register number: 34327835, tax ID: NL820460.886.B01